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Ismini Kriari

Nationality : Greek

Current postion :  
Rector at the Panteion University of Social and Political Sciences

 Professor of Constitutional Law, Department of Public   Administration, Panteion University of Social and  Political Sciences
Teaching subjects: Bioethics and human rights// Technology, law and ethics//  The Jurisprudence of the European Court of Human Rights// Constitutional law// Technology assessment.

Education :  PhD in Public Law at the Panteion University of Athens. Graduate in Law at the University of Athens, Postgraduate research at the universities of Vienna (Austria), Giessen, Bonn and Lueneburg (Federal Republic of Germany),  La Sapienza (Italy)

Experience     Visiting Professor at the University of Lueneburg 2003.
2004 - 2007  Special Secretary in the Ministry of Education, responsible for Greek  Schools Abroad, Intercultural Education and the introduction of bioethics in Secondary education.
Head of the Greek delegation at the Board of Governors of the European Schools (2004 ? 2009).
 Member of the Board of the National Committee on Human Rights (2004-2007).
Member of the Board of the Hellenic National Commission for UNESCO (since 2004).
Expert in the field of Bioethics: Member of the Bioethics Committee of the Hol y Synod of the Greek Orthodox  Church (since 2001).Chairperson of the Scientific Committee on Bioethics of the Interparliamentary Assembly on Orthodoxy (2002-2005). Member of the Bioethics and research commission of the National School of Health. Member of the Bioethics Committee of the School of Medicine of Athens University.
Participant at the Steering Committee for Bioethics (CDBI) of the Council of Europe (  November 2009 - June 2011).
Member of the Intergovernmental Bioethics Committee of UNESCO (since 2009).
Expertises for the Greek Parliament, the Greek National  Bioethics Committee, The Greek National School of Public Health, the Council of Europe (member of the drafting committee on stored biological material- Rec (2006)4) , the Greek Ministry of Health (member of the law drafting committee on Law 3305/2005 on human assisted procreation, sperm and embryo banks), The German Office of Technology Assessment, the EGE (2003) (Expert hearing  on the Estonian Gene Data Bank  at the elaboration of Opinion 18 on the ethical aspects of genetic testing in the workplace)..
Participation in many research projects at research centers in Greece and Europe as participant, partner and Senior Expert.
Fields of research: Bioethics (Genetic banks and biobanks,// human assisted procreation in national law and comparative perspective// legal, ethical and social aspects of cloning// // therapies in somatic cells and germ cells// legal and ethical issues about xenotransplantation and transplantation// legal and ethical issues concerning dementia// animal rights// embryo and stem cell research, nanomedicine,  synthetic biology), // technology assessment, the role of parliaments in the technological era, technology and law.// Intercultural approach in Religion, Education and Law. 
Speaker and key ? note speaker in many national and international conferences and round tables.

Publications :
Book on human assisted procreation (1994); On constitutional protection of genetic data (1999); On technology assessment and consensus conferences (2001); On Greek studies abroad  (2008), in Greek;  
Contributions in collective tomes on xenotransplantation (in coll. with other authors,  2008 in: Br. Jansen/ J. Simon (Eds.), Xenotransplantation ? Ethical, legal, economic, social, cultural and scientific background, VDM Verlag, Dr. Mueller,, Vol. 1) and on transplantation (in coll. with other authors 2010 in: Br. Jansen (Ed.). Law, Public Health Care System and  Society, Vol. 3, M. Meidenbauer Verlagsbuchhandlung, Muenchen) in English .
On end of life legal issues in: End of life dilemmas (2010), G. Kranidiotis et al (Eds.), Athens, 2011 in Greek.
 ? More than 60 articles on legal and ethical issues  mainly in law and technology, biobanks, human rights and healthcare, bioethics and human rights (i.e. Genetic data and confidentiality ? The Estonian experiment, in Law and the Human Genome Review, No. 19, 2003, pp.  147 ? 157 in English)// Biobanks ? the new challenge for public law, in Revue hellenique des droits de l?   home, No. 23, pp. 891 ? 920 (in Greek)//  Human assisted reproduction technologies and human rights ?  Developments in law and jurisprudence in Greece and abroad in: health Care Ethics, Athens, 2011 (in Greek). 
Grosses Verdienstkreuz  mit Stern, September 2006, by the President of the Federal German Government.