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Mesut Uyar

Professional Background:
Graduate of Turkish Military Academy in 1991. Got MA on politics and Ph.D. on international relations from Faculty of Political Sciences Istanbul University. Specialized on war studies, particularly on operations other than war. As a career officers he served at platoon leader and company and battalion  commander positions in various infantry units and several tours of peace support operations duties as military observer at UN mission in Georgia and as staff officer in Afghanistan. He was wounded twice in action. He served as assistant professor of international relations at the Turkish Military Academy for ten years. He was also the curator of the Military Academy Archive and Museum Division for five years where he started his research about Ottoman military history. He spent one year as an instructor and academic advisor at the Peace Support Training Center in Bosnia and Herzegovina. He worked as an associate professor of Ottoman military history at the University of New South Wales, Canberra-Australia for five years. He is now working as professor of international relations and the dean of school of business and social sciences at the Antalya Bilim University, Turkey.
Selected Publications:
The Ottoman Defence against the Anzac Landing: 25 April 1915, (Sydney: Australian Army History Unit Campaign Series, 2015)
From Mesopotamia Front to Burma: Diary of War and Captivity, (in Turkish) (Istanbul: Turkiye Is Bankas? Yay?nlar?, 2015) (with Ahmet Ozcan)
A Military History of the Ottomans, From Osman to Ataturk, (Santa Barbara: Praeger Security International, ABC-Clio, 2009), (with Edward J. Erickson), [Turkish translation was published by Turkiye Is Bankas? Yay?nlar? in 2014]
"Gallipoli Campaign: Turkish Official Military Historiography, War Memorials and Contested Ground", First World War Studies, vol. 7, no. 2, 2016, pp. 165-191
"One Battle and Two Accounts: The Turkish Brigade at Kunu-ri in November 1950", The Journal of Military History, vol.80, no.4, October 2016, pp. 1117-1147, (with Serhat Guvenc)
"Ottoman Arab Officers between Nationalism and Loyalty during the First World War", War in History, vol. 20, no. 4, November 2013, pp. 526-544
"In Search of Modernity and Rationality: The Evolution of Turkish Military Academy Curricula in a Historical Perspective", Armed Forces and Society, vol.35, no.1, Fall 2008, pp. 180-202, (with Abdulkadir Varoglu)
"Ottoman Third Corps in Crisis: Esad Pasha", (ed) John Crawford, David Littlewood, James Watson, Experience of a Lifetime: People, Personalities and Leaders in the First World War, (Auckland: Massey University Press, 2016), pp. 43-59.