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Despoina Charitou

Despoina Charitou was born on 29 July 1987 in Thessaloniki, Greece. She is an archaeologist with an interest in military archaeology and the cultural emergence of landscapes with military ruins. The main focus of her research is the Archaeology of World War One and the title of presentation for Lemnos Conference will be "WWI forts and trenches in Macedonian Front 1915-1918. A first approach".

At the undergraduate level, she completed her Bachelors degree at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki in History and Archaeology (2010) with specialization in Archaeology and History of Art. Afterwards, she continued postgraduate studies in Black Sea Cultural Studies (MA) at the International Hellenic University (2016). Recently, she joined a PhD position in University of Macedonia with specialization in Military Archaeology at the department of Balkan, Slavic and Oriental Studies (2018).

She has working experience as professional Archaeologist in several Ephorates of Antiquities in Greece (Pella, Florina, Thessaloniki / Western and Central Macedonia) in cooperation with manufacturing companies (Aktor ATE-Metro Thessaloniki and Electric Power Company of Greece-D.E.H), supervising the digging process, the restoration of antiquities and also the recording this archaeological work. She has also volunteered during her studies in excavations of Aristotle University in ancient Macedonia with a variety of archaeological remains from Prehistoric and
Classical times (Pella, Vergina, Grevena,). Furthermore, she has attended in several office environments and workshops related to pottery and metal findings from hellenistic and roman period.